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2024 Membership FAQs

I’m new to Warson Woods Swim Club.  How do I join?

New members are asked to join a waitlist to apply for membership.  A $50 deposit applies to all waitlist applications.  Once our returning members are invoiced and given the opportunity to rejoin, new member applications will be reviewed on a first come, first serve basis.  Applications for Legacy membership will be given preference over applications for Annual membership.  New members can expect to receive confirmation of their membership by April 30th.  


I used to be an Annual Guest Member (AGM).  What membership level am I now?

Members formerly known as Annual Guest Members are now considered non-resident Legacy or non-resident Annual members.


I was a long-time member of Warson Woods Swim Club but decided not to pay the assessment in 2023 and discontinued my membership.  Can I rejoin?

Yes!  Previous members of WWSC are welcome to rejoin.  If you are seeking a short-term membership (1-2 years), the Annual membership is available without payment of a membership fee.  If you are wanting to be a member of the pool for longer than 2 years, you are encouraged to join as a Legacy member and pay $1,000 (assumes you previously paid the $300 initiation fee in full).


Do I need to pay the $1,300 membership fee to become a Legacy member upfront on can I spread it out?

If you commit to becoming a Legacy member, you can pay the $1,300 upfront or in 4 equal annual installments of $325.


Is the Annual membership really limited to 2 years?

Yes. The Annual membership is ideal for those who only see themselves as members of the pool for 1-2 years.  This membership might fit a family with high school aged children who are about to age out of the pool, or a family who knows they will be moving out of the community within 1-2 years.


Why would I become a Legacy member if I can become an Annual member for less upfront cost?

The Annual membership might be right for you if you are only seeking a pool membership for 1-2 years.  Families seeking a longer membership are encouraged to join as Legacy members since our Annual memberships are limited in quantity and not guaranteed to be available.  Additionally, Legacy memberships come with price security for 5 years, whereas Annual membership rates will increase every year.


Why is the WWSC offering Annual memberships at all?

In part because of the special assessment in 2023, our membership levels declined. We need to get back to the point where annual membership fees cover operating expenses. The Annual membership will help bridge the gap until Legacy memberships return to pre-2023 levels. It is the goal of the WWSC to discontinue Annual memberships at some point in the near future. As such, we are strongly encouraging new members to become Legacy members.


What if I join as an Annual member this year and decide to become a Legacy member next year?

Annual members are eligible to become Legacy members by paying the $1,300 membership fee.  Please keep in mind the posted membership rates for 2024 will increase next year.  Not joining as a Legacy member this year poses the risk of paying a higher price for Legacy membership next year.  Additionally, our Annual memberships are limited in quantity and not guaranteed as membership preference is given to our Legacy members.


What membership prices will increase next year?

Pricing for Annual memberships will increase in 2025.  Legacy members registered in 2023 or 2024 will enjoy fixed rates from 2024-2028.  Legacy members who register in 2025 may pay a higher fixed rate from 2025-2029.


How much will membership prices increase next year? 

We cannot say for certain at this time.  Our membership program for the 2025 season will be determined at the end of 2024, following a review of membership levels, associated revenues, and our operating costs.  Our goal is to break even from a profit and loss perspective every year.

The Board is doing what we can to reduce operating costs. We have already identified over $25,000 in annual savings, and we are optimistic we will find more savings without negatively impacting the member experience. 


If the City of Warson Woods paid for the pool resurfacing, where did the funds go from the special assessment of $1,000 last year? 

We have made several infrastructure improvements to the pool, including:

  • New textured pool deck borders
  • Repaired pumphouses
  • Newly painted doors and trim
  • New drainage system
  • Renovated restrooms

To the extent our membership levels improve from 2023 levels (and related revenues increase), we will continue to survey members to identify additional opportunities to invest in the pool. In addition, the funds from the special assessment will help solidify our reserve fund should an unexpected expense arise in the future. 


I have some guest passes leftover from last season.  Can I use them in 2024?

Starting in 2024, all guest passes will be digital.  Guest passes issued prior to the 2024 season will not be honored.  All Legacy memberships come with 10 complimentary digital guest passes (2024 season only).  Additional guest passes can be purchased on our website.

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