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Today's Pool Hours - 11a to 9p  
Pool Rules

The following Rules and Regulations have been established to ensure safe and sanitary operation of Warson Woods Swim Club (WWSC or Pool) facilities and are for the protection and benefit of all members and guests. Parents are expected to advise their children to observe all rules and to obey the instructions of the staff. The staff is authorized by the WWSC Board of Directors to enforce these rules and may at their discretion temporarily suspend the swimming privileges of any individual(s) violating them. 


Member Admission

  • Admission to the pool requires proof of membership. The WWSC check-in software utilizes name and photo recognition to admit members to the pool. 
  • Member children age 9 and older are permitted to enter the Pool without parental supervision provided that they can swim without assistance of a parent or floatation device. All children 8 and under require parental supervision at the Pool. 
  • Babysitters or a nanny, age 14 and older, may use the Pool while accompanying members’ children when a digital “nanny tag” is purchased by the member. 


Guest Admission

  • Guests are welcome to the WWSC when accompanied by a member. A digital guest pass needs to be purchased prior to admission without exception. Guests will be provided identification upon entrance to the WWSC in the form of a wristband or other means. Conduct of guests is the responsibility of the sponsoring member. 
  • Guests cannot be residents of the city of Warson Woods. All Warson Woods residents are required to be members to gain entrance to the pool with the exception of certain dates as communicated by the Board of Directors on an annual basis.  
  • Individual guests can be admitted to the pool no more than 5 times per season.  Exceptions to this rule must be approved by the Board.



  • No running anywhere on the Pool premises. 
  • NO GLASS is allowed at the Pool for any reason. 
  • Members may not enter the guard shack, supply closet or pump house area under any circumstance unless as permitted by a member of the Board of Directors. 
  • The WWSC is not responsible for loss or damage to any personal property.
  • In the event of injury, parents are requested to allow the staff to attend to the injury. 
  • Swimming apparel is required to be worn in the Pool.
  • BBQ grills are available for member use only.
  • Fires are not permitted on the grounds.
  • Refuse must be placed in the containers provided. 
  • Damage to Club property, including trees and shrubs, will not be tolerated. 
  • Property damage may be charged to the responsible member. 
  • No pets are permitted with the exception of a scheduled day after the WWSC closes for the season.  
  • Pool staff are to be respected and listened to at all times. Any complaint regarding a Pool staff member must be communicated to a member of the Board of Directors. 
  • Pool staff are authorized to remove any member or guest from the WWSC who violates any rule. 


Food and Beverages

  • Food and beverages are allowed at the Pool.  
  • Absolutely NO GLASS is allowed for any food container or beverage.  
  • No chewing gum is allowed at the Pool.


Personal Speakers and Audio Devices

  • Personal speakers and audio devices are allowed. 
  • If any member has a complaint regarding the volume or content from an audio device, the member should notify the staff on duty. The staff will determine the best course of action and consult with the Board of Directors if necessary. 


Pool Use

  • No throwing of hard frisbees or other balls.
  • No metal or rigid plastic toys. 
  • Flotation devices for children are allowed in the shallow end of the pool.
  • Flotation devices are not allowed in the deep end without exception.
  • Other flotation devices (i.e. rafts and tubes) are allowed in the shallow end of the Pool with the exception of busy days as determined by the staff at the Pool. 
  • Children who cannot swim should be closely attended by an adult in the most shallow part of the main pool.
  • No diving in water less than 8 feet deep. 
  • No piggyback games, shoulder sitting or rough play of any kind is allowed in the Pool. 
  • No throwing of persons into the Pool. 
  • The baby pool is intended for use by children under six (6) years of age. All children in the baby pool must have an adult/caretaker with them in the fenced baby pool area. 
  • The lap pool is only allowed to be used by members for swimming laps unless a different permitted use is communicated by the Board of Directors. 


Diving Board Use

  • Only one person should be on the ladder of the diving board at any one time. After diving, persons should swim immediately to the nearest ladder. 
  • No diving until the previous diver has reached the side of the Pool.
  • No double bouncing. 
  • In order to qualify for diving privileges, children must be able to swim without assistance from one side of the Pool to the other.  


Inclement Weather

The WWSC staff, with guidance from the Board of Directors and the Pool management company, can close the pool under any of the following circumstances:

  • Air temperature of 70 degrees or below prior to open or at any time during the day.
  • A weather forecast with any of the following: persistent heavy rain, persistent thunder and/or lightning, heavy winds, and/or any weather event which could cause danger to members and guests of the Pool. 

The Board of Directors will communicate such a decision to the members as soon as possible after the decision is made. 

If the Pool is open and thunder occurs, all swimmers are to be cleared from all of the pools for a minimum of 30 minutes. The time resets after each additional thunder.