Frequently Asked Questions

Are Glass Bottles Allowed?

Glass is prohibited inside the pool gates. Please use paper, aluminium cans or plastic for food and beverages. If glass is broken, the entire poll will close immediately and stay closed for as long as it takes our management company to drain, powerwash, re-fill and chemically stabilize the pool. Additionally, the individual who is responsible for the broken container will be help liable for ALL expenses to re-open the pool.


What is the pool policy on inclement weather?

Actually it’s not our rule! St.Louis County Department of Health regulations require everyone to be out of the pool for 30 minutes after the last thunder clap and to be under the cover of the pavillion if there is lightening. There are no execptions at our pool.


If I have a specific question regarding the pool, who do I ask?

Please direct questions to the board member that corresponds to your question. The pool board meets on the second Tuesday of the month. If you would like to address the board, please contact the secretary in advance and you will be added to the agenda. The board welcomes all members and wants to quickly resolve all issues. Contact the Board.


What is the policy to rent the pool or pavilion for parties?

We can change all this! All inquiries must go through Julie Lambert (882-6930) and Rick Zepp (497-4346). A form must be requested at the guard shack and be filled out completely and then both Rick and Lisa should be notified.  No exceptions!  All non-members attending the event must have a guest pass.


Are we required to check in at the front desk?

Yes, everyone is required to check in. All non-members must be accompanied with a member using a prepaid guest pass. Members can purchase guest passes here.


Why can’t WW residents come as guests or join on a part-time basis?

Again this comes down to fiscal viability of the club. This in no way is meant to exclude anyone. Everyone is welcome to join the pool.


Is the pool public or private?

WWSC is a private club run by board members that are elected and change regularly. The person who donated the land directed the by-laws. The WWSC is NO WAY supported by tax dollars. It is imperative that the pool makes enough money through dues and guest fees to meet financial obligations.

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